In our school, children learn in small groups. The curriculum is in line with the requirements of the Polish Ministry of National Education, enriched with Cambridge Primary. Cambridge Primary is a program that develops students’ skills in the first years of learning English, mathematics and science. Cambridge Primary programme is offered by more than 1,300 primary schools in over 110 countries around the world.

For classes 1-8, we offer a second foreign language (Spanish, French or German), which gives them the opportunity to prepare for academic and professional projects in the future. We promote a family environment, full of respect and openness. Modern communication tools with students and parents allow us to develop the student’s potential and strengthen relationships within our school community.

The Meridian International Primary School:
• A unique combination of the local curriculum (MEN) and the Cambridge Primary programme.
• An educational approach promoting critical thinking and intellectual curiosity
Preparation for local and international examinations
High standards and policies to protect children at the highest level
• Offering an access to a modern American system of strengthening positive behaviour (PBIS)
• Conveniently and easily accessible + school bus
• Lessons with native speakers of English
• Swimming lessons with certified instructors
Modern classrooms and laboratories
• Joint activities in the common room until 5.45 pm
• A wide selection of extracurricular activities

The school implements the Mobility of educational staff project – co-financed under the European Union Erasmus + programme