POLISH. On 1st of June, IB1 geography students went on a trip with Mr Andrew around Warsaw.

As it was partof their lesson, they discussed every place that they saw, how did the district look like and compared them with each other. the places that they saw how did the district look like and compared them with each other. the places that they saw varied from historical places to industrial, or suburban districts. Their first stop was Chopin Airport, around the airport, it was seen that there are a lot of hotels, small shops, old buildings and also new ones. The second place that they visited was Plac Narutowicza, in there they saw that the district was closer to centrum, the buildings were newer and the place was more residential. afterwards they visited Plac Zawiszy, there they saw the mixture of residential buildings and hotels with some new office buildings. Next they went to Rondo Daszynskiego, which was clearly a business district, couple of skyscrapers were seen, with a lot of glass office buildings. It is more of a new district. Then they went to Rondo Radosława, where they say the shopping mall Arkadia. The next stop was Park Kaskada, this district is a suburb so it was interesting to compare the lives in a city and in suburbs. Afterwards they went to centrum where they saw the palace of science and culture, shopping malls and other shops around. The next stop was the old town, where they saw the historical part of Warsaw and the most popular part. One of the last stops was Praga, where they saw Bazar Różyckiego and got to know the history of this market and got to see Ząbkowska street
In this trip, the students got to see a lot of interesting districts of Warsaw, and had a lot of fun and thanks to Mr Andrew who organized this trip, this day was fun and educational.