Online classes. Successful implementation of Online learning

The present circumstances that result from the qiarantine can also be seen as something positive. Thanks to the commitment of our teachers we are introducing new tools to our daily work. We already use the following platforms and applications:

  • Google Classroom,
  • Google Meet,
  • Google Chat,
  • e-Tutorials,
  • Librus Synergy,
  • Kahoot,
  • Moodle

Owing to these tools we are able to provide our students with the highest standards of teaching even in the distant mode. Every day we meet our students at video conferences, during which we implement the core curriculum and then relocate to other educational platforms, which help to practice the skills and consolidate knowledge.

The fact that the school building is closed does not diminish our responsibility for our students’ future. We try to improve day after day in order to help our students more effectively. In education the key competences of the 21st century should be emphasized including:

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Ability to adapt to new conditions
  • Effective communication – written and oral.

Despite difficult conditions we know very well that remote teaching is an opportunity for us to develop in the 21st century.