Meridian International High School is currently looking for IGCSE Coordinator to launch and administer the programme since September 2020.


Primary responsibility: Day to day oversight and direction of IGCSE curriculum in coordination with the school Administration, Teachers and Management Board.

Employment type: Full-time

Place: Warsaw, Poland


Major duties IGCSE Coordinator is responsible for include:

  • Teach grades 9-12;
  • Participate in regular pedagogy meetings and in professional development sessions;
  • Participate actively in the life of the School, through attendance at events and leadership of extracurricular activities;
  • Perform other duties within the scope, spirit, and purpose of the job, as requested by the High School Principal;
  • Conducting an annual evaluation of the IGCSE Programme;
  • Co-ordinating exams and other formal assessment requirements,
  • Arranging couriering of materials to Cambridge;
  • Analyzing and reporting on student results;
  • Supporting school administration in framing and implementing a suitable timetable and in the allocation of teaching to the programme;
  • Marketing the IGCSE programme;
  • Monitoring student academic progress over the duration of the IGCSE programme;
  • Communication with Heads of Departments, Teachers and Administration;
  • Communicating programme needs in a clear and timely manner;
  • Establishing internal deadlines for submission of items by teachers and students;
  • Keeping parents informed of student progress;
  • Ensuring appropriate transition of new students to the programme;
  • Conducting information sessions about programme requirements and timelines in collaboration with Administration at the school;
  • Ensuring quality teaching and learning in the IGCSE programme;
  • Supporting the teaching staff to deliver the programmes and operation of the IGCSE curriculum;
  • Organizing and approving all professional development for IGCSE teachers in collaboration with the Administration and Management Board of the school;
  • Induct new staff into the IGCSEcurriculum;
  • Organizing collaborative planning meetings within the IGCSE faculty.
  • Knowledge and understanding of international and/or independent school communities;
  • High level of technology skills;
  • Willingness to contribute to school life outside of the classroom.


Desirable Qualifications/Experience

  • Teaching qualifications (MA degree in English, Mathematics, Science or Humanities);
  • Pedagogical credentials;
  • Experience of coordinating IGCSE, department head experience, or a similar leadership role;
  • Teaching experience in an international environment.