hy Career talks? At Meridian Internacional High School, we are very keen on developing our students in areas other than just their normal school studies. Therefore, on the one hand, we effectively teach subjects, but on the other hand, we commit to showing our students the complexity of the wider world outside of school and the multitude of opportunities it offers. As educators, we want to prepare our students to take their final exams and successfully enter adulthood by choosing the right career path. Bearing these goals in mind, we undertake numerous initiatives, such as the cycle of Career talks meetings, which I would most warmly like to invite you to participate in.

In our experience, we know that students respond to practical things more than just the theoretical. Career talks is a project designed to show young people the possibility of personal and intellectual development by hearing people talk about the professional success they have achieved and also to give them a chance to meet them in person. We believe that showing such a vision of the future to our adolescent students will certainly help them to find the right place for themselves.