Why Meridian?


very child that attends Meridian Schools is being offered the best possible start in life; the highest grade of education in an environment that encourages development on all levels will help yield a well-rounded individual fully prepared for the adult world. Our main goal is to provide pupils with optimal conditions for acquiring competence, with the breadth of learning and of character to deal constructively with the issues and opportunities of our time.

What makes Meridian Schools special?


e provide our students with friendly, family-like school environment. Our classes are made up of no more than 20 students in the Elementary School and 24 in the High School . At Meridian we focus on the importance of small class sizes to individually help students’ weak areas and advance their strengths. In addition, small class sizes make our staff members more readily available for extra help or to further challenge individual students. This solution also gives students plenty of interaction with their teacher as well as gives the students an opportunity to work in groups and do project work.

Multicultural environment


he Meridian School community is comprised of students of over 50 nationalities, their parents, and an international teaching and administrative staff.  That undoubtedly gives the opportunity to interact with different cultures, customs and traditions. Our students are exposed to plenty of languages, we offer English, Polish, Spanish, German and French lessons. Moreover, we strongly believe that multicultural education helps students appreciate the pluralistic nature of our world and the inherent values of the cultures they meet.

Dedicated and well educated teachers


he teachers at Meridian schools are carefully chosen from the cream of teaching talent, ensuring that your child can benefit from the attention of some of the finest educators from all around the world. Moreover, our language lessons are being taught by native speakers.  Our teachers are a team of fully qualified, passionate professionals who genuinely care for each student and about fulfilling their potential, academically, ethically and personally. They work together to bring out the best in every student, helping them to discover, develop and celebrate their talents.

Safe environment


he school implements strict safeguarding policies, making sure their students are safe at all times. Administration follows strict regulations when employing new staff, performing regulatory checks of all childcare employees for criminal offences. 

Extra-curricular Activities


xtra-curricular activities and hobbies are an integral part to character building and a successful CV, and Meridian Schools heartily encourage such interests in their students. At Meridian school, children have  the chance to develop an impressive range of extra-curricular activities, as they will have access to enthusiastic staff and dedicated time for pursuing their interests. We offer clubs such as STEAM, robotics, drama, mental arithmetics, taekwondo, swimming, basketball, fencing, football, chess, art and many more.

Sense of Community


s Meridian promotes active involvement of its community in school life, the parents and teaching staff have a chance to socialize on a number of occasions, such as charity markets, harmony breakfasts, family picnics, International Day, and other school events or clubs like parents’ cooking club. The school encourages communication with the parents through frequent one on one meetings, e-register, phone and email communication.