For all admissions 

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  1. The application form is available at school during Open Days, in the Secretary’s Office at Meridian International School or download it from the school website
  2. The electronic document can be submitted via email or delivered to the Secretary’s Office in person.
  3. The application can be done personally by an adult Candidate. Minors have to be enrolled by their Parents/ Legal guardians.


  1. Recruitment to Meridian Primary / High School / IB DP starts in the Spring term.
  2. Each Candidate to any Meridian school is obliged to take entrance exams.
  3. Each Candidate must have an ID card with a photograph and the necessary writing aids (a pen, a pencil, a ruler, etc) CALCULATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  4. All Candidates must take exams in English language and Mathematics. Additionally Polish language (for Polish candidates).


  1. Minor Candidates are expected to come to the interview accompanied by a Parent/Legal guardian and have all the required documents. The appointment will be made by the school Administration and the information given via a phone call or an e-mail.
  2. In order to finalize the admission process the Candidate or their Parents / Legal Guardians are obliged to bring original documents. The school files may contain originals or copies of documents certified as conforming to the original and delivered by the parents to school.
  1. The Candidates will be interviewed by the Administration staff members.
  2. All Candidates who are accepted to Meridian School will be notified via a phone call or an e-mail.


It is possible to finalize the admission procedure provided the following requirements are met:

  • All required documents have been submitted
  • The Contract has been signed by the Parents /Legal guardians and the School Principal
  • The entrance fee has been paid
  • The Application Form has been completed and submitted.

Exc. Circumstances

  1. Candidates who do not have the possibility of taking the entrance examination during Open Days are requested to complete the enrollment form online as soon as possible and contact the Administration, who will then determine the admission procedure and the deadline for completing all the formalities. The candidate or their Parents/ Legal guardians will be notified about the admission procedure via a phone call or an e-mail.
  2. Candidates who arrive in Poland from abroad during the summer holidays may sit the entrance examinations during the Summer Examination Session (after 16th August).  In such a case, the requirements described in point 1 apply.  All the formalities have to be completed by 31st August.
  3. Provided a Candidate is eligible for Grade 2 or higher his/her Parents/Legal guardians should contact the Administration, who will assess compliance of the curriculum at Meridian School and the one covered in the Candidate’s previous school.  Providing such compliance exists and there are no conditions obstructing the Candidate’s admission, the Administration will determine the admission procedures.  All recommendations resulting from legal provisions on education in Poland ( e.g.Ustawa o Systemie Oświaty; Rozporządzenia Ministra Edukacji Narodowej, dated 14th December 2016, with reference to foreigners who wish to continue their education in Poland) , or those devised by IBO (with reference to IBDP Students) will be observed in this respect. Regulations introducing the Act – Educational Law (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 60) and art. 154 para. 2 acts from December 14, 2016. The educational law (Journal of Laws of 2017 item 59), or the rules set by the IBO organization (in the case of IBDP students) will be respected.

Docs Required

  1. An application form completed correctly.
  2. The original of the ID with photo should be provided for inspection (international students).
  3. Official school record for the previous grade.
  4. Certificate to show completion of previous school.
  5. The results of final exams from the previous school.
  6. Translation of the documents issued in a foreign language into the Polish language. The translation has to be done by a certified translator.
  7. If the school year has not been completed, an official school record (including  teachers’ opinion on the Candidate and his/her academic progress) of mid-term grades as of present date has to be delivered.
  8. Certificates of dyslexia dysfunction, dysorthography, dysgraphy, etc. / in accordance with the decision of Parents (Legal Guardians)

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