The interview is the first stage of the admission process for IB DP candidates. It is conducted by the IB Diploma Coordinator, and/or the High School Vice principal. The interview is meant to:

  • check on the candidate’s fluency in spoken English;
  • inform the school about the candidate’s academic experience and motivation to do the IB DP;
  • guide the candidate on their subject choices.

Required documents

The candidates are expected to submit the following documents for the interview:

  • the most recent school report
  • transcript form the present academic year stating the to-date academic results, behaviour assessment and the attendance rate;
  • the results of the most recent school leaving examinations (if available),
  • diplomas certifying academic, artistic or sports achievements (if available),
  • diplomas awarded for volunteering (if available).

School reports, school leaving examination results and school transcripts must be translated into the Polish language if originally issued in a different language. The translations must be confirmed by a certified translator.

Behaviour assessment and attendance

  • A candidate’s application will be considered during the application process provided their behaviour assessment is not lower than ‘good’ (4).
  • The candidate’s attendance rate cannot be lower than 85%.

Examination fee

Candidates applying for admission to the IB DP class are required to pay an examination fee of PLN 200 or the equivalent in PLN for foreign payments (here you can check the exchange rate).

The fee is charged from external candidates who do not attend grade 10 at Meridian High School.

  • Payments in Poland should be made by transfer to the following bank account: 09 1090 1694 0000 0001 2265 4463 (Santander Bank).
  • For payments made abroad, please use this account: PL 09 1090 1694 0000 0001 2265 4463 (Santander Bank, SWIFT code: WBKPPLPP) The transfer must include the first and last names of the candidate and the annotation “Fee for the IB DP entrance examination“.

A printed confirmation of the payment must be submitted to the secretary’s office before the first written exam is taken by the candidate.


  • The entrance exams can be taken on each of the school’s open days and on other days that will be announced on the school website.
  • Candidates sit written entrance exams in the selected subjects, specified during the interview.
  • A candidate meets the entry requirements provided that they have scored minimum:
  • 65% in a subject selected on a standard level, and
  • 85% in a subject selected on a higher level.

Subjects required for the entrance exams

The subjects in which a candidate is expected to sit the entrance exams are those that were decided on during the interview with the IB DP Coordinator, and may include:

  • English (as a foreign language) (for all non-English natives, with no experience in academic literature analysis through English or the experience being lower than the past three years)
    A candidate will be exempt from the exam in English as a foreign language provided that they present a certificate confirming their advanced level of English language fluency that was issued within the past 3 years, e.g. CAE, IELTS (6.5-7.0), or TOEFL iBT (72-94 points).
  • English A (mother tongue)
    (for English natives, or candidates with academic literature experience through English of at least the past three years)
  • Polish A (mother tongue)
    (for Polish natives, or candidates with academic literature experience through Polish of at least the past three years)
  • French/German/Spanish
  • Mathematics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Economics and Business Management  – the basis for admission is verifying the level of the candidate’s English language fluency and the skill of analytical thinking. For that reason, the results in the English language exam must be minimum 85%, and in Mathematics minimum 65%.
  • Psychology – the candidate is expected to:
    write a 200-250 word motivation letter that will display the candidate’s reason to attend the course and their understanding of what psychology as an area of study deals with;
    prove an advanced level of English language fluency, for which reason the result in the English language exam must be minimum 85%.
  • Computer Science SL – the candidate is expected to:
    pass a general knowledge entrance exam;
    obtain min 65% in Mathematics entrance exam.
  • Visual Arts  – the candidate is expected to submit:
    a filed and signed portfolio of 6-8 artworks made on  their own (e.g. sketches, drawings, photographs, scans or photos of paintings,..etc.) including a short description of each (clarifying the technique used, and circumstances of making it);
    a 200-250 word motivation letter that will display the candidate’s interest art and the reasons to attend the course.


If a candidate has passed the entrance exams and their subject choices have been confirmed by the school, the admission can be finalized.

In order to finalize the admission process, the candidate’s parents or legal guardians are obliged to:

  • submit the required documents (see above ‘The required documents’);
  • sign the contract;
  • make the payments resulting from the contract.