n an attempt to facilitate IB Diploma students achieve high scores in their final examinations, our school delivers IBDP revision courses for interested students who have already completed the first year of their studies in the Diploma Programme.  We can recommend our courses so that students can revise the topics and excel in skills required for the final May exams taken after the second year of the DP.

The courses take two weeks and are organized in two sessions, during the first two and the last two weeks of summer holidays. Our offer encompasses the majority of the subjects offered within the Diploma Programme in our school: English A, English B, Business Management, Economics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, TOK. This offer is not finite and may be amended depending on the candidates’ interests.

During the courses, the focus is on revising major topics discussed in the first year of the Diploma Programme, with substantial emphasis on exam-style questions.  All our teachers are experienced IB teachers with many years of experience. They prepare students effectively and skillfully for the demands of the IBDP curriculum.