At Meridian, Polish and English are the major languages of instruction. Middle school students are taught the English language in small groups and are placed in the group with other students who represent similar level. Each group has separately lesson of speaking during which they practice they communicating skills and lessons during which students work with they coursebooks practicing their grammar and writing skills. Other school subjects are taught mainly in English. If the lessons are conducted in Polish then the English terminology is given.

High School students can choose if they want to take Polish Matura Examination or International Examination (International Baccalaureate). If they choose IB Diploma Programme then all subjects are taught throughout the English language. Students also choose a second language (German, French, Spanish). Students willing to take the Polish Matura Examination are taught othrer school subjects in Polish.  

Language Courses Offered by the School

The English language, taught at Meridian as the first foreign language, is mandatory for all the students. Their level of fluency is tested at the beginning of each academic year. The results of the placement tests are used to group the students according to their English command that is determined according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). The course caters for the needs of Pre-Intermediate to Advanced learners, developing all the language-specific skills and the general linguistic competence.

The English language teaching goes in two major streams. One of them is the coursebook classes which focus on developing grammar, vocabulary, and the skill of reading comprehension. The other stream is the conversation-writing classes which put emphasis on improving speaking and writing skills. Additionally, grade 10 students are exposed to academic writing classes that are tailored towards developing writing formal academic assignments.

All our students can learn a second foreign language at the school. We offer a choice between Spanish, French and German. If the demand arises, Russian can be also taught.

Being the host language, Polish is offered as part of the curriculum at all grade levels in middle and high school. It is required by law that all Polish natives develop their mother tongue. It is also required that foreign students have the opportunity to learn the Polish language.