ur students have multiple opportunities to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom through participation in trips. Teachers organize field trips in Warsaw, as well as integrational and educational trips to different regions in Poland.

Some examples of field trips integrated with the curriculum include: workshops at the Copernicus Science Center (biology and chemistry), historical tours in Warsaw (history), classes in the ‘Czajka’ Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plant (geography), geography workshops conducted by a university lecturer (geography) , classes in museums and galleries (Polish and Visual arts), trips to the ZOO and botanical garden (biology), trips to the cinema to see educational movies (history, Polish, English), trips to Sports Centers.

Longer trips (usually 4 days) are organized and at the beginning and the end of the school year. These trips aim at educating students and integrating the entire school community. Students visit the most interesting places in Poland  (sometimes abroad), learn about the history and culture of our country and, at the same time, integrate with each other and with the faculty.