eridian International Schools aim to provide a broad and balanced education in order to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, caring and confident young people. We offer a safe and supportive environment that promotes respect and understanding.

We enable students to become principled and reflective individuals, who can think, communicate, take risks, and produce excellent results in real-life situations. 

We lay intellectual and behavioral foundations that motivate students to develop their full potential and become lifelong learners. We also instill the mental and moral habits fostering critical thinking and active participation in the global society.

Collaborating with national and international organizations, we develop programs to encourage inclusive approach towards other people with diverse cultural backgrounds and differences to create a better and more peaceful world.

Our Vision

Meridian International Schools will become one of the best international schools committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We will empower students to value knowledge, become independent learners, gain confidence, and prepare them for future life endeavors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality education that enables our diverse student community to achieve academic growth in the spirit of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect. We create a safe and supportive environment that prepares students to become lifelong-learners and engaged global citizens.

Our Values

  • We encourage respect and understanding towards people with diverse cultural backgrounds
  • We promote honesty and justice
  • We stimulate collaboration with national and international organizations
  • We encourage active participation in the global society
  • We care about professionalism, dedication and achievement
  • We foster a healthy lifestyle

Meridian students become:


  • They know how to work independently
  • Work with enthusiasm
  • Acquire the skill of research and inquiry


  • Expand and use knowledge across disciplines
  • Are interested in issues of global and local relevance

Critical and Creative Thinkers

  • Apply critical and creative thinking in varied situations
  • Can think outside-the-box to create innovative solutions
  • Take initiative rather than merely participate
  • Can seek reliable sources of information


  • Can speak more than one language
  • Express their opinions in a creative and clear way
  • Can listen carefully to other people’s opinions
  • Can effectively collaborate with others


  • Act in an honest and fair way
  • Respect other people’s dignity and rights
  • Take responsibility for their actions


  • Appreciate others’ values, traditions and perspectives
  • Seek and evaluate a range of points of view


  • Display empathy, compassion and respect
  • Are open and willing to help others
  • Care about the world problems
  • Act in a reasoned and an ethical way


  • Are ready to face challenges and seek solutions to problems
  • Can work independently and collaboratively to create innovative solutions
  • Display determination in facing uncertainty


  • Know how to balance intellectual, physical and emotional aspects of their lives


  • Can consider the strengths and weaknesses of their ideas and actions
  • Those considerations are used to support their learning and personal development