1. Facilities

Classes for grades 0-4 are held at the Wawelska Campus, while grades 5-8 of primary school as well as high school, are held at Gładka Campus in Warsaw.

  • Wawelska 66/74 Campus is located on a historic site protected by national heritage laws, surrounded by a beautiful garden. The building features modern classrooms, IT lab, common room, study/language room, canteen, and library. The building and its area are monitored with CCTV cameras.

  • Gładka 31B Campus, only 3 km from Wawelska, near the intersection of Hynka Str. with Aleja Krakowska. This campus is a modern building, featuring a gym, well-equipped classrooms and labs, spacious canteen, basketball court, and playground. The site is monitored with CCTV cameras and on-site security company.

2. Lunch

During the lunch break, students can enjoy a hot, healthy lunch. Lunch is prepared and delivered by an external company. Parents can agree on the individual needs of students (eg. a special diet) and order lunch directly from the school’s supplier.

3. Bus

  • For parents’ convenience, the school provides easy student transportation between campuses for students in the morning and afternoon. This way parents, despite having children in two campuses, have just one convenient and agreed location to collect/drop off their children
  • The school bus can also collect/drop off students from/to home. This service is available in selected parts of the Ochota and Włochy districts.

4. Health Services

It’s important that Parents provide an up-to-date Medical Information Form for their child. The form should also include an allergy report.

  • A nurse is present at school and will treat minor injuries or other health problems as they occur.
  • A school psychologist is also available and ready for child development consultancy.