On January eighth the third Meridian Career Talk was held in the conference room. All the attending students had the opportunity of listening to Mr. Mehmet Eskici one of Eurasia’s leading venture strategists and CEO branding expert.

Mr. Eskici started with turning to the audience and letting us choose the three key points which would become the focus of his presentation. Dealing with failure and doubt as well as starting your own business where among some of the most re-occurring topics students wanted to find out more about. Surprising everyone present Mr. Eskici then preceded to approach everyone individually and ask for each student name. Now that everyone was more familiarized with each other it was time to begin the actually presentation. Mister Eskici shared his insightful opinion on numerous business related topics ranging from staying motivated all the way to dealing with bankruptcy. Every new narrative seemed to point us back to the same conclusion of making what’s best of our situation and persevering in the midst of failure. Soon our time elapsed and we had to conclude the career talk.

Overall, this career talk was very successful, informative and inspirational and we believe that everyone present till the came out of the talk with something valuable hopefully useful in their future lives and carriers.