On 6 December, the entire Meridian International Schools community celebrated the upcoming Christmas break.

While listening to Christmas music and donating money to charities, we were getting ready for the eagerly anticipated Winter Show, an event we had been all looking forward to. During the show, students, parents and teachers could marvel at dance interpretations of some of the well-known pieces, as well as those choreographed by our students, listen to group and solo vocal performances and also watch some truly memorable theatrical plays. Being a team project between high school and primary school, Winter Show proved to be a huge success that demonstrated how much fun all students could have, regardless of the age difference, and how great a team we all make together.

This fact was emphasized in concluding remarks by our two Headmistresses Ms. Aldona Ponikowska and Ms. Marta Filipek, who ended the show expressing Christmas wishes. We’d also like to send you our dearest wishes, remembering this wonderful day and looking forward to the upcoming Christmas.

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