Meridian English Song Contest (MESC), final concert. UPDATE: The date of the final concert will be announced soon.


Gładka 31B, 02-172, tel. 22 822 15 75

We are pleased to inform you that 

Meridian International Primary School is organizing the 13th


The contest is an open educational English song festival, to which we invite soloists and groups consisting of students of grades 1-8 from primary schools.


Aims of the contest

  1. To encourage students to active participation in amateur music performance,
  2. To promote talented students and to motivate them to systematically improve their skills,
  3. To enable public presentation of vocal skills, to award the most interesting performances and to promote the winners.


The contest is prepared for four categories:

  1. Grades 1-2           II. Grades 3-4         III. Grades  5-6         IV. Grades 7-8



In the first stage of the contest each of the participants presents one song with lyrics in English. 

The contestants qualified to the second stage present the same song.


Each school may submit a maximum of 2 candidates (soloist or group up to 5 people) from each category. Presentation time cannot exceed 5 minutes. Jury reserves the right to stop the presentation. The participants prepare the accompaniment or soundtrack in karaoke version and send via e-mail or deliver to the organizer on USB stick. Please, pay attention to the technical quality of the background music. Poor technical parameters of the background music lower the quality of the artistic presentation.


Time and place of the contest

The eliminations stage take place in Meridian International Primary School

Warszawa, ul. Gładka 31B, 02-172, in the sports room on the ground floor:


I stage – 5th February (Wednesday) grades 1-4, 6th February (Thursday) grades 5-8.

A detailed plan of the auditions will be available from the organizer of the competition and sent electronically to the contestants one week before the auditions i.e. 29.01.2020.


II stage – Finals and Award Ceremony – 19th March 2020 – date to be confirmed

The jury will qualify the best contestants from each category. Information on qualifying for the second stage will be given to the guardians of the participants after the eliminations are complete i.e. by 24.02.2020.


Application form needs to be filled in online before 24th January 2020. After this date the applications will not be considered. Link to the form


The e-mail address of the competition is:



  1. Until 24.01.2020 fill in and send forms
  2. 29.01.2020 information on schedule of the auditions
  3. 5.02.2020 and 6.02.2020 – auditions
  4. 24.02.2020 information about the finals i.e. qualified contestants
  5. 19.03.2020 Finals Concert and Awards


Finalists will be asked to send in a short video of them singing their contest song and a photo for the presentation displayed during the Final Concert as well as sign an additional GDPR form.




Jury of 13th Meridian English Song Contest will present the contestants with the first prize in each of the four categories accordingly.

In justified cases, the jury, in consultation with the organizer has the right to grant individual prizes and awards.

The Finals and the awards ceremony will be held on 19th March 2020 in Warsaw. More detailed information on the place and exact time of the concert will be made available soon.


The criteria for evaluation of the participants:

  • accuracy of intonation, diction
  • choice of song
  • rhythm and interpretation
  • overall artistic and aesthetic impression


For further information contact the supervisor of the competition Monika Chwesiuk, Meridian International Primary School,  ul. Wawelska 66/74, 02-034, e-mail:

The information will also be available on the website of the organizer




Meridian International Primary School