We began our celebrations with Charity Market, organized by high school and primary senior grades. 🎄Christmas gingerbreads, traditional Polish dumplings, read books waiting for new owners, hand-made bookmarks and unique Christmas balls are only some of the things that attracted our attention and were loved by all students, teachers and school management. 💝 It’s simply amazing that in such short time as two lessons, all high school students managed to collect over 1300 PLN, whereas in primary school the amount of collected funds reached 1600 PLN! The mission was clear – to raise money for charities. Primary school was offering financial help for Hubert, a young boy from “Zdążyć z pomocą” Children’s Foundation, while high school decided to give the funds to three organizations including “Szlachetna Paczka” (Noble Gift), Single Mothers’ Residence (“Wspólnymi Siłami” Association) and Lidia and Adam Ciołkosz Children’s Home No. 9. Bearing in mind how ambitious the goal was, we can all feel very proud of our students – young people with big hearts ❤.