The Independence Day is a national holiday in Poland, celebrated annually on November 11 to commemorate Poland regaining independence in 1918, after 123 years of partitions (1795–1918).

At the Meridian International Schools, the celebration of this holiday was combined with commemoration of other fights for freedom. In connection with the celebrations – guests visited us. They are veterans of the struggle for independence during World War II. We have received a letter from Veterans and a medal-gift from their Association.

The International Meridian Schools have also joined the nationwide MEN campaign ‘School remembers’.

Here is the content of the letter from the ministry:

Dear Sir or Madam,

 on behalf of the Minister of National Education Mr. Dariusz Piontkowski, thank you very much for joining our campaign “School remembers” (…). The aim of the initiative was to draw the attention of young people to the need to cultivate the memory of the heroes of our freedom, especially those who are associated with the history of a region or local community.

 Almost 1.3 million students and 108 thousand joined the “School remembers” campaign. teachers. In total, we received 11,208 applications from schools, kindergartens and educational establishments.

Please find attached a souvenir diploma with thanks for participating in the action.


With Kind Regards,

MEN’s spokesperson