On Oct 31st, we embraced our students’ unique talents and celebrated them at the annual Meridian Talents Show, organized by the Meridian International Primary School and Meridian International High School and hosted by members of the student council.

The Student Council held meetings and rehearsals in order to get the students prepared for the event.

Among participating students were: Kinga who performed a jazz dance, Dawid and Kudret sang acapella, Hussam, Tsimafei and Mohammed played their guitars and sang, Ahmet sang and played the guitar and harmonica, Jakub solved Rubik’s cubes and Gurlal and Divit performed an Indian traditional dance. The audience enjoyed the show very much and showed their enthusiasm giving the performers a big round of applause. They also actively took part in fun games while waiting for the jury’s verdict.

We would like to congratulate and thank all the contestants for contributing to this event and working hard as well as attending the meetings and sharing their great talents with everyone on the Talents Day.

There is only a memory of the talent show, but we will be able to admire the winners’ performances once again during the Winter Show!

Congratulations to all participants!