Can you visit many different countries in one day? Yes, the Meridian school makes it possible!

In April this year The Meridian International Primary School celebrated the annual International Day.

The main purpose of this multicultural event is to show that different nationalities, races and religions can live together in harmony.

To be able to participate in the event – the students learned about the national colours of the chosen country, characteristic symbols, culture and curiosities. With the help of parents, the presentation of the selected country was supplemented with local dishes and the students themselves wore appropriate costumes.

Among selected countries were European countries (Sweden, France, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Serbia), countries of both Americas (Mexico, USA, Peru), Africa (Egypt, South Africa) and even as exotic as Papua New Guinea.

During the International Day, guests and the jury visited the classrooms and were delighted with what they found there. The amount of work done by teachers, parents and students was impressive. Everyone tried their best to convey to members of the jury everything they knew about a given country. The colorful decorations were beautiful, and the delicious dishes brought by students and parents from various cuisines of the world were tasted by all guests with joy.

The final element of the International Day schedule was a music and dance show performed by students dressed in traditional costumes from a given country.